Adventures in Tea and Cake

Summer Refreshments From Bettys

Jun 5, 2016

My favourite things in life are tea, cake and Yorkshire. To experience the finest of these three marvellous things in one happy place, you need nothing more than a trip to your closest Bettys.

Bettys is my happy place, my comfort, my joy. It’s a Yorkshire institution, spreading goodness throughout the region with their fine baked goods, spreading happiness throughout the world due to the availability of their exquisite cakes on their online store.

I like to think that by now, I’m pretty familiar with a lot of their products (I’ve uttered the phrase ‘I’m just going to pop in for a quick look’ and left £20 lighter and a bag of goodies heavier on more than one occasion!), so its always exciting when new products are released.

Just in time for the summer, Bettys have launched a new range of tasty tisanes to refresh thirsty tea-lovers on hot days.

I’ve been enjoying the Strawberry, Cherry and Rose Tisane and it is PERFECT for these warm sunny days! It has a great fruity flavour but its the floral notes, courtesy of the inclusion of rose, that really sets this apart from other similar fruit based beverages. I do love a rosy tea! Though it has no effect on the lovely taste of the tisane, I am keen on the cheery bright pink colour too!

The great quality mesh teabags allow you full access to see the ingredients of the infusion, and I love the classy-but-still-cute packaging. Plus this tisane, and the other new flavours, are all naturally caffeine-free, so you can enjoy them long into the summer evenings without worrying about being kept up at night! The other tempting offerings from the new range are an Apple & Juniper Tisane, Peppermint Tisane, Pai Mu Dan White Tea, and Special Rare Green Tea. I think the peppermint is on the top of my list for next time I call in, but they all sound great!

I’m sure I can’t be alone in the belief that tea is best enjoyed with some sort of sweet, baked accompaniment, and I can definitely recommend Bettys delicious Yorkshire Shortbread as the perfect tea time treat. These things are so buttery I’m surprised they didn’t melt in the hot car, but they sure do melt in the mouth!

Obviously, my top suggestion is that you get yourself to one of Bettys six tea rooms across Yorkshire to have a full browse of their products (and if you aren’t in Yorkshire, I’d recommend going to Yorkshire, because its the best place in the world), but if that’s not possible, you can buy all these new tisanes online from the Bettys store! And you might as well add a packed of biscuits to your order too,…. and a fat rascal or two,… and the fondant fancies are great…..and…..

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