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Place To Eat The Potting Shed Bingley A New Menu And Lots Of Gin

Aug 30, 2016

I do try to not repeat myself too much on the blog, and I know I’ve rambled before about how much I love the Potting Shed in Bingley, about how good the food is, about their amazing beer garden,.. but there’s loads of NEW and EXCITING things happening over at The Potting Shed to tell you about!

First up, there’s a brand new branch opening over in Beverley - exciting news for residents of East Yorkshire for whom Bingley might be a bit of a trek! The original site will take some beating of course (I love the view of Bingley’s rooftops from the upstairs window!), but it does look pretty sweet!)

Another recent bit of excitement at Bingley was the arrival of the Hendricks Pop Up bar at the Gin Garden Terrace. My lovely brother, my guest for the evening, had kindly offered to drive - giving me the opportunity to try a couple of their cocktail offerings!

The Chelsea Rose was lovely but the actual cocktail was slightly overshadowed by the AMAZING gothic tea cups that it was served in - I really need me a set of these!

hough, I’ll admit to being more of a fan of rum that gin, so the Sailor Jerrys based concoction was more up my street!

The drinks were great, really great, but the main reason I was there was of course, the food. I’d gone in hungry, but I was not prepared for the wave after wave of amazing dishes put in front of us!

I love the sheer variety of foods available at The Potting Shed - I live in a houseful of fussy eaters and here there’s something for everyone! Everything was grand, but the chicken goujons (the biggest I’ve had!) were a particular favourite around the table, and the pizza burgers (topped with mozzarella and pepperoni) went down a treat too. I liked the concept of the Yorkshire burger - a burger served between two Yorkshire puddings and topped with Yorkshire blue cheese and local bacon - more than I liked the actual result, but it’s still definitely worth a try once at least!

I felt foolish for my bragging about my ability to consume dessert under any circumstances when the Oreo cheesecake was dished out and I really struggled to finish my portion! This was delicious though and would have been the perfect end to a lovely evening if I’d just stopped one burger earlier (maybe two…) The Potting Shed is definitely the place to be in Bingley (and now Beverley too!) and I’ll definitely be back again as I wont feel complete until I actually finish one of their desserts!

Great big thanks to The Potting Shed for inviting us over and feeding us so well!

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