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Cool Things You Can Do In Switzerland

Aug 25, 2017

I’m on holiday, woo!

And in the weeks before my holiday, I remember having many a discussion with family, friends and workmates, who - with a simple look at the rain we seem to have had all month - questioned my choice of booking our family holiday to the Scottish Highlands, as opposed to Spain, Corfu, Turkey or any of the other sunnier destinations they were all flying off to!

Now, sadly coming to the end of our holiday, I regret nothing! We’ve had a wonderful time in Scotland and I’m looking forward to getting back and reminding those folks at home with renewed vigour - there’s more than one kind of holiday!

With that in mind, along with my apparent predilection for beautiful scenery over sunshine and my desire to enjoy the last couple of days of my trip, let me pass you on to my guest poster who can tell you some of the best reasons to visit Switzerland - I’m already convinced!

Cool Things You Can Do In Switzerland

Travelling, they say, is the best way to broaden one’s perspective. It does not just allow you to see tourist attractions or taste local food, but it also enables you to meet other people and talk to them. Indeed, travelling is the best way to immerse yourself in a different culture and truly live in other people’s shows. However, true travelling is being a globetrotter rather than a tourist, and the best way to start is in Europe. The continent is home to a rich and vibrant history, one that is wholly preserved in their cities. And there is nothing like seeing the old world mix with new world luxuries – it gives the place texture and personality.

Europe is a vast continent though, not to mention, countries are extremely close to each other. So while it is the perfect first chapter in your travels, the next question would be which country you should start with. For that, the answer is simple Switzerland. Yes, a Switzerland vacation is an ideal prelude to your European tour because it has everything - medieval landmarks, mountains, good food, and some of the happiest people in the world.

Shopping and food tour around the city

Let us start off with something simple, and activity you probably already love doing: shopping. Especially if you plan on exploring the whole of Switzerland, it would be best to get shopping out of the way first, each time you are visiting a new town or city. When you stop by Bern, Geneva, and Zurich, you would see chic boutiques, high-end brands, and local labels that highlight their exclusive Swiss fashion trends. You can start by browsing through all of the shops and see which items will catch your attention. But do not just limit yourselves to clothes, accessories, and house fixtures, consider buying chocolates and cheese in Switzerland – both of which are Swiss specialties. One of their most famous cheese dishes is melting Gruyere and Vacherin Fribourgeois, and mixing in garlic, cherry brandy, and white wine. They also serve raclette dishes that will surely get you stuffed with cheese for the whole week.

If you can, try to rent a car so that you will not have any problems roaming around the city with hands full of shopping bags and a stomach full of cheese and chocolates.

Hiking and skiing activities in mountainous towns

If that view of the Alps and the other purple or snowcapped mountains are to go by, you would know that Switzerland is home to some of the best ski slopes and hike trails. Outdoor, nature-based activities are a norm in Switzerland, if you are the adventurous type, you would surely enjoy yourself here. Make your way to Zermatt where you can find 200 miles of slopes to ski and 400 kilometres of trails to trek. There is also a cable car that ascends to heights of up to 3,883 metres high and gives you a view of 63 mountain peaks that can be seen jutting at Zermatt.

As a tip, when you go hiking up those trails, bring a walking stick with you as a precaution. No matter how often you hike, there may be unexpected events during your trek, especially when it is the Winter time. Wear sturdy hiking boots and protective gear to help prevent the onslaught of cold wind when you reach a high peak and injuries such as a twisted ankle.

Cruising on the lakes

Switzerland is not just surrounded by mountains, you can also find beautiful lakes too. Riding a boat at any of the lakes when you visit a town is the perfect way to relax and unwind. If you want to take a break from all those adrenaline-pumping activities, the shopping, and even the eating – you can always make your way to the docks. Ride a small cruise ship or rent a boat so you can row on your own and be alone with your thoughts for a while.

You can visit Interlaken, a town sandwiched between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz. You can also cruise by Lake Geneva and see the Chateau de Chillon, or experience riding a paddle steamer at Lake Luzern. You can even cross the border to Italy when you ride through Lake Lugano.

Learning different languages

During your tour of Switzerland, you will notice that the locals speak very different languages. There is German in the northern and central parts of the country, Italian in the south, Romansh in the east, and French in the west – those are also national languages, too, so you cannot really pinpoint one language that everyone widely speaks. If you know some of the basic of these languages, then consider your Switzerland vacation as one of the ways in which you can improve on any of those languages.

By learning any of these languages at any of the cities in the Swiss regions, you will fully understand the effect of lenient borders within the European countries. Because they are so close share borders with each other, they are able to introduce their cultures with one another. As a globetrotter, this is one of the things you will appreciate about not being too severe with visitors and accepting new ideas from neighbouring countries.

Visit remote villages

Switzerland is also known for its quaint villages, remote enough that you will not be bothered by city noise. Some people think “remote, quaint villages” connote a backwards place where people still churn their own butter. But this just means that they are a small village that does not have all the modern luxuries a city has like boutique shops. Yes, you can only find the more practical luxuries and nature – what more can you ask for?

Simply make your way to Arosa – a place where rolling hills and a lush green is a welcome sight. There are a range of activities like skiing and hiking which you can enjoy during your stay here. Additionally, Arosa has some of the best spas and cafe that you will not want to miss.

Switzerland is the quintessential European country – filled with natural beauty, exciting activities, and delectable dishes to try. So start your journey here and enjoy a different kind of travel experience.

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