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Dragonfly Tea

Jan 15, 2018

Dragonfly Tea is a family owned British company who have been dealing in tea for a hundred years - and they very kindly sent over a few of their fab tea varieties to review. We’ve been giving them a good testing out in the office over the last few weeks!

Though we do tend to drink a lot of loose leaf tea in the office, its really handy to have teabags in the cupboard as well - about half the staff are perfectly competent with the loose stuff but every now and then I see the look of panic in someone’s eye when asked to make a fancy brew - much easer to pass on a more familiar looking tea bag and get back in return something that resembles tea!

As far as tea bags go though, these are still pretty swish - all individually wrapped for freshness and with awesome tea quotes on the tags as a nice reminder of how precious and important tea time is!

Of the teas we’ve been trying, my favourite is the Vanilla Rooibos. I love rooibos - it’s naturally caffeine free and low in tannine so there’s never a bad time to drink it, and it’s light sweet taste makes it a firm favourite with me. This one is infused with Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar which adds an extra layer of luxurious creaminess to the redbush base - even without milk, which is my preferred way of drinking this one. My brother prefers this with a dash of the white stuff though, and says it carries milk beautifully.

I was definitely intrigued by the Cape Malay Chai - I love the warming spice of chai, especially in cold weather, but spotted this one had a rooibos base rather than the black tea base I’d usually associate with chai. The rooibos tea is then blended with cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, chicory, cloves, black pepper and cassia oil gives a deeply aromatic and deliciously spiced brew.

A classic Earl Grey is an important part of any good tea companies offerings - it’s a classic for a reason! A black tea base flavoured with bergamot oil results in a really fresh and fragrant cup of tea - I feel like I should be drinking this out of fine bone china in the sunny garden of a country manor. In a nice hat. But it’s really good out of a chipped mug in my cold office too!

Last on my list is the Moroccan Mint - I’ll admit to not being the biggest fan of green tea but find the addition of another flavour makes it a lot more palatable and this is no exception. The sweetness you get from the spearmint is right up my street (and reminds me of the spearmint chews I used to love as a kid but don’t really see much of any more) and this is lovely for finishing off a meal (or to temporarily replace one when I’ve forgotten to bring anything in and it’s too cold to go to the shop!)

These few are just an example of the wide range of tea types available from Dragonfly Teas, and they also sell a few loose leaf varieties in the prettiest little tins too. You should be able to find these on the shelf at Sainsburys, Tesco or Waitrose among others, as well as online at

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