Adventures in Tea and Cake

Place To Eat Afternoon Tea At The Radisson Blu Leeds

Jun 13, 2019

It has, admittedly, been a little while since my afternoon tea at the Firelake Restaurant in the Radisson Blu hotel, Leeds. But fear not, it’s rare I forget any detail about cake!

We had no trouble booking for a Saturday afternoon with relative short notice despite using a Groupon voucher like the cheapskate I am, and had our pick of tables in the quiet but cosy restaurant.

Our deal came with a pot of tea and a glass of Prosecco, and we decided to start with the tea (‘twas cold out, brrr!) and save the prosecco as a post-cake treat!)

The food was brought over on this handsome bookshelf-type cake stand, with separate compartments for all the different items - with the jam and cream for the scones carefully balanced on top!

Somewhat unusually, in my experience at least, this afternoon tea did not contain equal items for each participant, but thankfully we didn’t fall out too seriously over who was going to have what! Though, a lot of this might be to do with the fact my long-suffering-but-eager-to-please other half doesn’t actually like afternoon tea so was generally happy to let me have my pick! I said it’s rare I forget any detail about cake, and that’s true, but it doesn’t always extend to sandwiches I’m afraid, so all I can tell you reall is that one was mainly cheesy, one was mainly beefy and one was mainly hammy (plus I think there was egg mayonnaise, which we both completely ignored!) I really like the variety of breads and sandwich-styles, makes this savoury bit all that much more interesting!

Thankfully one thing that came with enough for everyone was the fat juicy scones, mmm! I think these things are the reason the Mr will still come with me for afternoon tea despite his lack of affection for cake that isn’t fruit cake and sandwiches that aren’t cheese sandwiches, he does love a good scone (even though he eats them wrong, with the tiniest smear of cream which he puts of first. tut tut.)

There was a slice each of the fruit cake to enjoy, and we shared the decadently rich chocolate mousse and the light and zesty lemon one. I got to eat all the cheesecake to myself though, woo! The cheesecake was probably my favourite too, creamy and delicious!

Then the whole thing was finished off nicely with a strawberry-garnished glass of prosecco. I rarely upgrade to prosecco with my afternoon tea and I really should do so more often - a great way to make an indulgent treat even more indulgent!

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